Two great courses
Calvert Crossing & Pine Hills
Calhoun, LA

Post-Summer Update from the Superintendent

 From Superintendent

  Congratulations to all of the winners of this year Pine Cone Tournament. The staff of Southern Pines worked very hard preparing the course, food, and tournament play for all participants.

  Wow, what a hot summer! It’s been a very challenging year. We’ve dealt with extreme temperatures, drought, and high sodium levels in our irrigation water at the Hills course as well as nematodes. We were scheduled to aerate greens at the Calvert course the day after Labor Day, but decided not to because night time temperatures dropped into the 50’s that very week and we were concerned about the healing process. The grass really slows as far as growth at those temperatures. But what a relief these cooler temperatures have been! The weather is excellent for golf right now so come on out, both courses are in good condition.

  Just a reminder for homeowners, not is the time of year to winterize your landscape. Be sure to apply adequate amounts of potassium to help build up the root system in your landscape. This is also the time to apply fall pre-emergent to your lawn to prevent winter annual weeds.

  Most of you are aware that the cart path project on #12 at the Calvert course has been completed. Please keep the carts on the new path. Trying to travel the old way only damages the carts while attempting to cross the open ditch. Again, the weather is great, so come out and take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Brian & staff